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Casual-Restricted Student Titles

Office of the President, Human Resources has established new functional titles codes to more accurately identify the work performed by casual-restricted employees. The titles and title codes are now available for use. The Campus Title and Pay Plan has been updated to include the new titles and their corresponding rates. These titles are eligible for a shift differential of $.62/hour.

As departments begin hiring/rehiring casual-restricted employees for Fall Quarter 2013, pay special attention to moving all students out of staff titles. Any student, who did not originally transition out of a staff title, must be moved into a student title by January 2014.

Departmental Actions to be Taken for Transition to Student Classifications

  • Review new title codes for student classifications.
  • New appointments of casual-restricted students beginning Fall Quarter, 2013 should be classified in a student title codes.
  • Move existing casual-restricted student appointments to one of the student classifications as well. We encourage departments to complete this process by January, 2014.
  • Update EDB to reflect the new title and title code.

If you have any questions or need assistance in determining the appropriate classification, contact your Compensation Analyst for assistance. Questions regarding EDB processing should be directed to Campus Policy and Personnel Services at (310) 794-3147