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The following is a list of general criteria that should be applied when setting salaries for a new or transferring employee, as well as for implementing equity increases.

  • Consider how the salary offer affects internal equity.
  • Ensure funding approval before making a salary offer.
  • Relevant factors for determining an appropriate salary include the person’s qualifications and salary history, the salary of those in the same classification with similar qualifications and responsibilities, the range placement and the market rate for the position.
  • Consider the length of time before the employee is eligible for a salary increase.
  • Employees changing from limited to career status should be evaluated as if they are new-hire.

Please refer to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement for represented staff.

Note:  If you are requesting an exception to the salary procedure or retroactivity, please acquire the appropriate signatures of the Dean or Vice Chancellor, then forward the request to Campus Human Resources (CHR), Compensation Services for review and response.




Campus Human Resources, Compensation Services
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