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Positions are classified based on the duties and responsibilities assigned and exercised. As job duties and responsibilities change, the position may warrant reclassification.

Requests for reclassification are reviewed when permanent and substantial changes in job duties occur. Common examples include:

  • Changes in the scope, nature, variety, and complexity of work performed
  • Changes in supervision received
  • Changes in supervision exercised

Work volume and job performance DO NOT justify reclassification. Reclassified positions typically retain the majority (50% or more) of their prior job duties and also assume additional duties. Classification review may result in a higher, same or lower classification change.

If you believe reclassification is appropriate, refer to "How to Classify or Reclassify a Staff Position".  The proposed job description, current job description, organizational chart and a cover letter outlining the changes to the position should be forwarded to Campus Human Resources (CHR), Compensation Services for review and response.

Requests are reviewed to ensure pay equity and consistent application of classification standards across campus.

Approved actions are effective on the first of the month following the receipt of the completed request by CHR, Compensation Services.




Campus Human Resources, Compensation Services
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