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Reclassification Request Checklist

The information requested below is intended to assist in the reclassification review process and reduce potential delays with gathering information after the request has been submitted. Prior to submitting a reclassification request, the information below should be completed, reviewed by appropriate departmental control points (including the local HR department), and then submitted to Campus Human Resources (CHR) Compensation Services.

Job Description (Proposed)

A proposed job description of the position should be completed in the PeopleAdmin system and reviewed by the appropriate departmental control points. Once reviewed and approved locally this job description should be submitted to CHR Compensation Services via PeopleAdmin, along with the information below.

Justification/Rationale Letter (Cover Letter)

This letter should contain the reason(s) for the reclassification request, a summary of key changes to the position, and any relevant background information. This letter should be written so a third-party reading this letter would be able to understand the rationale and justification of the request.

  • Describe what prompted changes to the position and the request for a reclassification review.  Provide any relevant background information which may have resulted in changes to this position (e.g. reorganization of department, consolidation of positions, new or significantly expanded program, etc).  If this position has assumed responsibilities from another position, please identify the other position/incumbent.
  • Summarize the key changes in responsibility of the position; and how these changes altered the position in terms of:  scope, complexity, impact to the department or university, decision making, authority/independence to act, consequence of error, types/amounts of resources managed, or required knowledge.
  • If known, identify positions in your department or organization that you view as comparable positions.
  • Provide any additional information that either justifies the reclassification request or assists with understanding the position. This letter should be attached as the “Cover Letter” on the “Supplemental Tab” in PeopleAdmin when submitting the proposed job description.

Organization Chart

A current organization chart of the position’s department, showing the relationship of the position to its manager, subordinates, and peers. Any additional relevant organization charts, which would aid in the review process (e.g. previous organizational chart in case of a re-organization) should be included as well. The organization chart(s) should be attached as the “Organization Chart” on the “Supplemental Tab” in PeopleAdmin when submitting the proposed job description.

  • MSP Positions (or equivalent) – In addition to attaching the organization chart in PeopleAdmin, please email an editable organization chart to your Compensation Consultant (e.g. Visio, PowerPoint, etc). The organization chart is important for the review process (PeopleAdmin automatically converts all attachments to an uneditable PDF format, so we require an editable version).

Job Description (current)

If the current job description (job description previously approved by CHR Compensation) is not already in the PeopleAdmin system, attach the current job description as the “Current Job Description” on the “Supplemental Tab” in PeopleAdmin when submitting the proposed job description.

Proposed Salary

The proposed salary increase/new salary upon reclassification should be included in the submission of the reclassification review request. While organization heads have approval authority for reclassification salary increases within policy, this information enables reviewers to have a thorough understanding of the reclassification request and associated actions. In addition, for represented positions, union notification of the reclassification and new salary is required. Enter this information in PeopleAdmin on the Job Details tab. 

If the proposed increase or new salary exceeds policy limits, please provide the rationale for requesting a policy exception, including an explanation of how the salary increase amount was determined, in the justification/rationale (cover) letter.

Effective Date

The effective date of an approved reclassification is the first of the month following the receipt of the completed request by CHR Compensation Services. Enter this information in PeopleAdmin on the Job Details tab. To propose a different date, provide the rationale for this policy exception in the justification/rationale (cover) letter. Please note that retroactivity is approved only in extraordinary circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding the reclassification request process, please call your Compensation Consultant.

Campus Human Resources, Compensation Services
Phone: (310) 794-0880 | Fax: (310) 794-0875