Cyber Attack Impacting Anthem Inc.

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Re: Cyber Attack Impacting Anthem Inc.

Dear Colleagues:

We were recently made aware that Anthem, Inc., the parent company of one of our former health insurance providers, Anthem Blue Cross, is the victim of a highly sophisticated cyber attack. Anthem has informed UC that its member database was accessed, and it’s possible that some UC employees who had Anthem as their health plan insurance carrier in the past were included. Our current insurance provider, Blue Shield, has not been affected by this breach.

UC is working closely with Anthem to better understand the possible impact on UC employees. The following information has been provided by Anthem:

  • Once Anthem determined it was the victim of a sophisticated cyber attack, it immediately notified federal law enforcement officials and shared the indicators of compromise with the HITRUST C3 (Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Coordination Center).
  • Anthem’s Information Security has worked to eliminate any further vulnerability and continues to secure all of its data.
  • Anthem immediately began a forensic IT investigation to determine the number of impacted consumers and to identify the type of information accessed. The investigation is still taking place.
  • The information accessed includes member names, member health ID numbers/Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and employment information, including income data.
  • Social Security numbers were included in only a subset of consumers that were impacted.
  • Anthem is still working to determine which members’ Social Security numbers were accessed.
  • Anthem’s investigation to date shows that no credit card or confidential health information was accessed.
  • Anthem has advised UC that there is no indication at this time that any UC employees’ personal information has been misused.
  • All impacted Anthem members, and former members, will be enrolled in identity repair services. In addition, impacted members will be provided information on how to enroll in free credit monitoring.

Anthem has created a special website called Anthemfacts, along with a hotline (1-877-263-7995), as a way to stay current on the latest developments. In addition, a Frequently Asked Question Fact Sheet provides further explanation on the cyber attack.

Please share this information with employees in your organization. Our benefits offices will continue to keep departments updated on Anthem’s ongoing investigation, which will determine whether or not the cyber attack impacted UC employees who were former Anthem members.


Lubbe Levin
Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Human Resources
Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, Health Sciences

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