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Updated UCLA Procedure for Maximum Vacation Leave Accrual Limit


Re: Updated UCLA Procedure - Maximum Vacation Leave Accrual Limit 

Following review and comment by the Human Resources Advisory Committee (HRAG), we are issuing UCLA’s updated procedure to assist departments in managing the Maximum Vacation Leave Accrual Limit. This local procedure is consistent with the Office of the President’s new systemwide procedure for managing vacation leave accrual for policy-covered staff, as incorporated in the Absence from Work Policy 2.210 Sections III.B.5 and V.

The University provides vacation leave as a benefit to employees for rest and renewal throughout the year. The use of vacation leave is a healthy component of supporting critical work/life balance. To facilitate reaching that objective, it is important that supervisors work with their employees to review and schedule vacation leave so that employees are able to use this benefit. The procedure is intended to assist supervisors in managing the vacation leave accrual process. This procedure provides guidance in situations where an employee is unable to schedule vacation leave within 60 working days of reaching his or her maximum vacation accrual limit, due to “operational” considerations.
Key highlights include the following: 

  • The updated procedure specifies what constitutes “operational considerations” and further states that the provision of additional time for use of vacation beyond the policy maximum is granted only under exceptional circumstances.
  • Supervisors will need to document the operational considerations that limit an employee’s ability to take vacation leave, and then submit that document as part of a request for approval of the additional time required (up to four months). Qualifying exceptional circumstances should be rare and require approval of the cognizant organization head (i.e. Dean or Vice Chancellor) following endorsement by the department head.

The Maximum Vacation Leave Accrual Limit Procedure and Exception Request Form are in Related Information. Health System Human Resources will issue a separate memo for Health System employees.

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