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Wage Increases for PA Unit Represented Employees

Pursuant to the agreement between the University and the Federated University Police Officers Association (FUPOA), UCLA will be implementing the following wage increases for PA employees effective October 13, 2013, for biweekly paid employees.

3% Range Adjustment and Salary Increase

  • PA salary ranges will be increased by 3%.
  • Eligible PA unit employees will receive a 3% increase which will be processed at the departmental level.
  • In order to be eligible for the increase, the PA Unit member must be on pay status, or on an approved leave of absence, on the date of ratification and on date of payout.
  • If paid bi-weekly, range changes and salary increases will be reflected on the November 6, 2013 paydate. 
  • For specific information regarding range adjustments please refer to the PA contract.

Lump Sum Payment

  • PA Unit members will receive a one-time lump sum payment of $2,500.
  • The lump sum payment is non-base building and non-UCRP covered compensation minus usual and customary deductions.
  • In order to be eligible for the lump sum payment, the PA Unit member must be on pay status, or on an approved leave of absence, on October 13, 2013, and on date of payout.
  • Departments will process the lump sum payment using the LSN DOS code.
  • For officers currently on a Leave of Absence, the $2,500 lump sum payment is not to be paid until the officer returns from the leave of absence.

PA Unit members on an administrative leave pending termination should not receive the lump sum bonus and or pay increase. Please work with Chief Herren or his designee to insure that only those that are eligible are recipients of the increase and the lump sum.

Please contact Campus Human Resources Compensation at (310) 794-0890 or Keith Sakoda with questions regarding these upcoming wage changes. Questions regarding EDB processing should be directed to Campus Personnel and Policy Services at (310) 794-3147