Separation Reason Codes & Definitions

Separation Reason Codes & Definitions

Separation Reason Codes Translation Use 
AATo accept other jobResignation
ABTo look for another jobResignation
ACSelf employmentResignation
ADDissatisfied with jobResignation

Pregnancy, did not desire leave

AFFamily and/or child careResignation
AHTo attend schoolResignation
AIMilitary serviceResignation
AJFailed to return from leave

Resignation - Employee did not return to work on anticipated date of return to pay status

AKOtherShould be used only when none of the other reasons apply. Consult with HR
AMResignation - moved out of areaResignation
ANResignation - no reason given 
BAGrant/contract expiredLimited staff and career staff who have not attained regular status
BBAppointment/contract appt expiredInvoluntary termination - employees in limited and contract appointments with end dates
BCVisa/work authorization expired

When a leave of absence has not been granted and/or when a visa/work authorization is not granted

CAIndefinite layoff with rehire rights

Involuntary termination - regular status career staff who elected preference and rehire rights in lieu of severance or severance not applicable. DO NOT USE FOR TERMINATION OF MSP APPOINTMENTS

CBTermination of casual employeeInvoluntary termination - limited appointments
CCTermination of other casual employee (on-call)Involuntary termination - limited appointments
CDTermination of casual-restricted appointmentInvoluntary termination - student employees
CEGraduation/no longer enrolled as a studentResignation
CFPer diem releaseInvoluntary termination
CGIndefinite layoff with severance

Involuntary termination - regular status career staff who elected severance in-lieu of preference and rehire rights

CHIndefinite layoff with reduced severance and rehire/recall rightsInvoluntary termination - regular status career staff who elected reduced severance and rehire/recall rights
CIIndefinite layoff with no severance or rehire/recall rightsInvoluntary termination - regular status career staff
DAReleased during probationary periodInvoluntary termination - career staff who have not attained regular status
EALack of performanceDismissal - regular status career staff
EBMisconductDismissal - regular status career staff
ECQuit without noticeDismissal - regular status career staff
EDJob abandonmentDismissal - regular status career staff
EENever started employmentDismissal - Hired but never reported to work
EFNo longer certified or licensedDismissal - employee failed to meet certification/license requirement for position
EGDo not rehire - settlement (employee agrees not to return)Dismissal - written agreement on file with department and/HR
GAMedical separationInvoluntary termination - written notification on file with department and/or HR
I4Inactive for 4 consecutive months

System-generated separation when employee has no payroll activity for 4 consecutive months (Refer to Personnel Status Report) Employee should be formally separated using SEPR Bundle and appropriate reason for separation.

JAChange to emeritus status 

Other - termination (coaches, management program) or separation (per diem nurses, vocational nurses)

PDCareer to Per Diem

Termination of Career staff appointment to rehire in Per Diem Appointment

RARetirement - regularVoluntary termination - non-faculty staff who elected retirement via UCRP
RDRetirement - compulsory for SMG and regents' officersSenior Management Group staff
RFRetirement - facultyVoluntary termination - faculty who elected retirement via UCRP

When an employee terminates all University employment, the EDB preparer must always process the separation in a timely manner using the appropriate separation code. For additional information on processing separations please refer to the EDB User Guide, Section D10.0. (Click on the link to access processing information for separations.)


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