Vacation Use Waiting Period

In accordance with personnel policy or contract provisions, some employees may need to serve a waiting period before being granted the use of accrued vacation hours. The chart below outlines the employee groups, waiting periods, and policy references.

Note: Although the waiting period may not be completed, terminating employees who are eligible to earn vacation are eligible to be paid for all vacation accrued through their last day on pay status.

Employee Groups Waiting Period to
Use Vacation
Non-represented Staff (99) Personnel Policy for Staff Members PPSM*No41
Patient Care Technical - (EX) AFSCMEYes (6 months)41
Service(SX) AFSCMEYes (6 months)40
Clerical (CX) CUE*No44
Nurses (NX) CNA*No17
Skilled Crafts (K4) SETCYes (6 months)17
Police (PA) FUPOANo18
Research & Support Professionals (RX) UPTE*No43
Health Care Professionals (HX) UPTE*Yes (upon completion of probation)42
Technical (TX) UPTENo43
Bookbinders (GA) PTAYes (upon completion of probation)17

*Employee groups eligible to accrue vacation hours for all regular (REG) hours on pay status; all other employee groups must be on pay status a minimum of 50% during accrual period to earn.