Academic Personnel Certificate Program

This Certificate Program is designed to provide employees with a comprehensive working knowledge of the Academic Personnel process at UCLA. Courses cover a variety of critical areas, such as the Faculty Review process; exceptions to policy and Chancellor approvals; affirmative action, recruitment and searches; and layoff and grievance procedures for academic personnel. Special emphasis is placed on processing academic actions related to specific series and using academic support materials, such as manuals, guides and other resources.

The Program is open to employees who are responsible for disseminating academic personnel related information or who prepare or approve academic actions. In addition, employees who wish to gain an understanding of the Academic Personnel process or who will act as backup to primary processors in their department are encouraged to attend.


There are five required core courses and a minimum of one elective course.

Required Core

Course 1: An Overview of the Faculty Review Process
Course 2: Processing Actions for the Assistant Professor Series
Course 3: Processing Actions for the Associate and Full Professor Series
Course 4: Processing Actions Requiring Chancellor Approval and Preparing other Exceptions to Policy
Course 5: Recruitment and Retention for Academic Personnel


Course A: Using the Academic Personnel Manual and The CALL
Course B: In Residence and Adjunct Personnel Actions for the General Campus
Course C: Clinical Comp, Clinical X, and In-Residence Personnel Actions for the Medical School
Course D: Bargaining Unit Titles, Lecturers and Demonstration Teachers


An overall Certificate in Academic Personnel Policies and Procedures is awarded upon completion of the five core courses and any one elective course. Upon completion of all required courses, contact the Academic Personnel Office at (310) 825-5462 to request a certificate. 

It is recommended that all of the courses leading toward a certificate in Academic Personnel be taken within a two-year period.

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