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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you seeking an accommodation related to your status as a pregnant or parenting student?


A: Go to the Center for Accessible Education. While pregnancy itself does not qualify as a disability under the ADA, certain conditions, such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, may qualify. However, CAE can still provide academic accommodations for pregnant, parenting, and lactating students. In order to access accommodations through CAE students must first apply for an accommodation. Some common accommodations available to pregnant, parenting, and lactating students include: adjusted attendance requirements, adjusted assignment deadlines, exam accommodations, and access to lactation spaces on campus. Visit the CAE website to access the student application for an accommodation with CAE.


Q: Do you have concerns or questions about your rights as a pregnant/parenting student to be treated the same as other non-pregnant/parenting students on campus?


A: Go to the Title IX Office. Students, faculty, and staff who have questions about the rights of pregnant and/or parenting students should refer to the Title IX office. Title IX can assist students with filing a report if they believe their rights have been violated or they were refused an appropriate accommodation.


Q: Are you looking for assistance and guidance to help you meet your roles as a parent and a student?

Go to the Students with Dependents Program. The Students with Dependents program can provide pregnant/parenting students with assistance managing their responsibilities, programming, a connection to the parenting community, and can provide referrals, support services, and assistance navigating the UCLA system.