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Counseling, Consultation & Coaching
You and your adult immediate family members / significant others have access to experienced licensed counselors who can assist with a myriad of personal, interpersonal, family-related, and work-related challenges. The SFCC can help with any concerns regarding emotional and/or psychological wellness, as well as assist with building and enhancing skills proactively to help prevent or ameliorate problems. Coaching is available to enhance communication, emotional intelligence, parenting, work-life balance, and stress management skills.


Management Consultation & Coaching
As a leader, you may need to seek creative and effective solutions to difficult work-place situations from time to time. The SFCC provides consulting and coaching services that can assist supervisors and managers in developing effective interventions. When appropriate, the SFCC is available to support managers in improving work relationships, building effective teams, and addressing organizational change.


Departmental Training & Support Groups
You can participate in training sessions and support groups that will help you develop and enhance your skills in areas such as communication, conflict resolution, change management, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and stress management.


The SFCC provides departments with specialized workshops and retreats upon manager's request. In addition, the SFCC periodically offers educational support groups on such topics as elder care, pain management, diversity awareness, leadership, communication, and work and life transitions.


Crisis Management
If your department experiences a stressful event or tragedy such as a death, sentinel event, or violence-in-the-workplace concern, the SFCC is available to help manage these incidents.


For violence-in-the-workplace assistance, contact the individuals below:


  • For the Campus, contact the UCLA Behavioral Intervention Team Manager, Chris Silva, at (310) 794-0422
  • For the Health System, the UCLA Threat Assessment Team Manager, Edward Galvan, at (310) 962-9437

To reach the Staff & Faculty Counseling Center, call (310) 794-0245