The University of California, Los Angeles extends appreciation to employees who have served this campus and have elected to retire. In recognition of their dedicated service and contributions, we offer retirees a gift choice program based on years of service.

Eligibility/Gift Levels for Retirement Gifts

Years of Service  Gift Level

Up to 9

Level 1 Collection


Level 2 Collection


Level 3 Collection

35 and above           

Level 4 Collection

Ordering Retirement Gifts

Step 1 Benefits Office provides Policy and Personnel Services (PPS) with authorization form with name, email and/or mailing address of retiree.
Step 2 PPS sends retiree ordering instructions.
Step 3 Retiree selects and orders gift online and provides the appropriate mailing address to the vendor.
Step 4 Vendor ships gift selection to retiree.


Campus Human Resources – Staff Personnel Policy I Fax: (310) 794-0865