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Meeting self-expectations, as well as the expectations of others, can at times feel overwhelming. Focusing on self-care, work-life balance, and emotional wellbeing often get overlooked amidst a busy life. The Staff and Faculty Counseling Center (SFCC), UCLA’s Employee Assistance Program, is here to help employees achieve increased engagement, satisfaction, fulfillment and growth in their personal and work lives, as well as to function optimally as a productive member of the workforce. Our highly skilled and bilingual team of licensed behavioral health professionals will make your experience at the SFCC personalized and confidential, while moving you towards an effective action plan. The SFCC counselors have decades of experience and are very knowledgeable about the UCLA environment and culture.


Our Philosophy 
When you choose the SFCC for employee assistance program counseling, consultation, or coaching services, you are treated with dignity and respect in a safe and welcoming environment. Our philosophy includes:


  • Enhancing problem-solving skills to explore all feasible and constructive options.
  • Building personal resilience to better handle stress and improve emotional well-being.
  • Developing new perspectives that can enhance positive outcomes.
  • Offering practical tools that can assist you in taking constructive action to improve interpersonal relationships.
Information presented to a counselor at the SFCC is confidential. The SFCC places the highest priority on confidentiality. All information disclosed to the SFCC may not be disclosed to anyone outside of the SFCC without the client’s permission.


The exceptions to not releasing information to parties outside of the SFCC are those where disclosure is required by law: where there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse of children or elderly persons or disabled persons; where the client presents a serious danger of violence to another; or where the client is likely to harm himself/herself/themselves unless protective measures are taken.


Notwithstanding, in order to provide effective service, the SFCC counseling staff may consult internally without client authorization. This internal consultation is not considered a breach of confidentiality. Furthermore, individuals servicing the internal functions of the SFCC such as SFCC administrative staff, temporary employees, work-study employees, and Information Technology staff must sign a confidentiality disclosure statement that acknowledges and agrees to the SFCC’s confidentiality policies.


Up to three free counseling sessions per problem are available for UCLA faculty, staff, and their adult immediate family members / significant others. Referrals may be made to community therapists and services for ongoing counseling and assistance. Management consultations, coaching, and departmental training are also offered at no cost to departments.


Contact Us
For appointments via HIPAA-compliant Zoom session or telephone, please call 310-794-0245. Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.


At this time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our services are being delivered via telehealth.

To reach the Staff & Faculty Counseling Center, call (310) 794-0245