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Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Brochure


Re: Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Brochure

Dear Colleagues:

Preventing violence in the workplace is a top priority at UCLA. To that end, the University has developed numerous resources to ensure the campus community remains safe, one of which is the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).

As you know, BIT is a multidisciplinary team consisting of representatives from the Office of Legal Affairs, Staff & Faculty Counseling Center, Insurance & Risk Management, UCLA Police Department, and Employee & Labor Relations. It is dedicated to preventing a crisis before it occurs by identifying threats of harm (and potential threats) and evaluating information reported to the team.

Effective violence prevention depends on participation by the full community — faculty, staff, students and visitors — to maintain a safe environment for all who live, study and work here. With that in mind, our team has developed a new BIT Brochure to help promote the value that early intervention plays in preventing violence.

The brochure includes important information such as:

Early intervention and awareness are the keys to preventing, and minimizing the possibility of, workplace violence. We strongly encourage you to share the BIT Brochure with employees in your departments and organizations. The brochure will be distributed at New Employee Orientation sessions, and for those who do not have access to a computer, printed versions of the brochure are available in Campus Human Resources. Contact Chris Silva, Behavioral Intervention Team Coordinator, at for more information on the brochure.


Lubbe Levin                                                      Susi Takeuchi
Associate Vice Chancellor                              Chief Human Resources Officer
Campus Human Resources                             Health Sciences

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