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Conversion Privileges

Within 31 days after UC-sponsored coverage ends (if your participation has been continuous), you may be able to convert your group insurance coverage to individual policies for these plans:

  • Medical
  • Basic Life
  • Supplemental Life*
  • Basic Dependent Life
  • Expanded Dependent Life*
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Legal

For medical coverage, you have 31 days after your UC-sponsored or COBRA/continuation coverage ends to apply for conversion (if available). You and/or your family members may be eligible to convert UC-sponsored life insurance coverage to individual policies. If not converted, coverage ends on the last day of the last period for which premiums are paid. Note that conversion options are generally more costly and may provide fewer benefits than UC-sponsored plans.

*Supplemental Life and Expanded Dependent Life are "portable" (less costly than conversion) upon separation under certain circumstances. See the Life and Dependent page related link "Life Insurance Portability" for more information and instructions.

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