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Be sure to complete your enrollment or benefit change transactions by the specified deadline. Some transactions must be completed within a specified time — your 31-day period of initial eligibility (PIE), for example. Note: UC rules do not allow duplicate University coverage. You can be enrolled as an employee OR a dependent OR a retiree, but only one of these.


A default password, consisting of the employees birthdate in numerical MMDDYYYY format, is automatically generated by the At Your Service website. Employees must customize their password prior to completing enrollment in UC benefits.

Beneficiary Designation

All employees must complete three (3) Beneficiary Designations: One designation will cover University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) "Death Payment" benefits, as well as any Capital Accumulation Provision (CAP) benefits when applicable. The second designation will cover the UC-sponsored "free" Basic (or CORE Life) Insurance policy, as well as other Life Insurance plans such as Supplemental Life or Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), when applicable. If an employee purchases Supplemental Life or AD&D Insurance plans, additional beneficiaries can be designated. The third designation will cover mandatory employee contributions to the Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) administered by Fidelity Retirement Services.

Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE)

A time during which you or your eligible family members may enroll in benefits plans. A PIE starts on the first day of eligibility (for example, the day you are hired into a position that makes you eligible for medical coverage). For web transactions, a PIE ends 31-days later. For paper form transactions, the PIE is 31-days OR on the last working day of that 31-day period, whichever comes first. A new PIE may result from a change in family status, a change in employment status, immigration status change, faculty start date, leave without pay, and/or loss of other group coverage. Please see UC Group Insurance Regulations for restrictions.

Late Enrollment (HIPAA)

If an employee does not enroll within 31-days from the date when first eligible, enrollment for the employee and/or eligible family member(s) in a medical plan at a later date is allowed. A waiting period of 90-consecutive calendar days is required before medical coverage is effective. This late enrollment is available for medical only, not dental or vision, or any other UC-sponsored insurance plan.

Open Enrollment

Enrollment in medical, dental and/or vision plans during the annual Open Enrollment period, usually held in the month of November, is allowed with coverage effective on the following January 1st. In addition, enrollment or renewal in the Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA), Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DepCare), and TIP (Tax Savings on Insurance Premiums) plans during Open Enrollment are allowed. (Note: Enrollment in the legal plan, if it is accepting new participants, is allowed; the legal plan is not always open during the Open Enrollment period.)


If an employee's average regular paid time drops below 17.5 hours per week for 2 consecutive months, or if the appointment changes to a per diem or another ineligible appointment, an employee looses eligibility for medical (including Core), dental, vision, basic life insurance, as well as Short-term and Supplemental Disability coverage(s). Eligibility for Supplemental Life insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, Legal, and Auto and Homeowner/Renter coverage(s) may still be allowed. Whenever a family member looses eligibility to participate in UC-sponsored plans, it is the employee’s responsibility to de-enroll that family member immediately. Otherwise the employee is liable for any excess UC costs and for any plan expenses incurred by the ineligible family member(s) as well as other corrective actions and penalties. Contact the person in your department who handles benefits for assistance or to inquire about continuing coverage through COBRA.

De-enrolling a family member who is no longer eligible to participate in an UC-sponsored benefit plans does not in itself create a new period of initial eligibility (PIE). However, if accompanied by an involuntary loss of other group insurance coverage or by a move out or return to a plan service area, you or your family member may be eligible for a new PIE for some benefit plans. See PIE section above.

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