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UC Rehired Retirees

The systemwide Policy on Reemployment of UC Rehired Retirees and Implementation Procedures into Senior Management Group and Staff Positions are available in Related Information.

In all cases, "University need" must be documented on the Retired Employee Approvals Form. Examples of "University need" are listed below:

  • Retired Employee possesses skills that are critical to the mission of the University and the University was not able to find a suitable replacement.
  • Retired Employee is needed to provide knowledge transfer and/or development for his/her replacement.
  • Retired Employee is the Principle Investigator or lead researcher for a project that is not complete and their expertise is critical to complete the endeavor.
  • University needs temporary services from a qualified professional experienced in a unique facet of University operations.

This list is illustrative only and is not intended to limit the definition of University need. Please be sure that University need is carefully outlined on the Approvals Form. The UCRP Reemployed Retiree Notification Form and Retired Employee Approvals Form must be submitted together.

For Implementation Procedures and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Rehired Retirees Policy, see Related Information.

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