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Guidelines for Administration of the FY 2021-22 Salary Program for PPSM Policy-Covered Staff

In accordance with UC President Drake’s announcement of May 14, 2021, the following guidelines are designed to assist departments in implementing the FY 2021-22 salary program for eligible staff. This program applies to policy-covered non-probationary staff in career, partial-year career, and eligible contract appointments. Student employees in casual-restricted positions and limited employees are not included, nor are employees covered by a union contract or Academic Personnel Policies.

In order to recognize the extraordinary efforts by our policy-covered staff members during these challenging times, the University is providing a 3% general increase to all eligible employees. Increases will be effective June 27, 2021 for employees on bi-weekly payroll and July 1, 2021 for those paid monthly. The new rates will be reflected in the July 21 and August 1 paychecks.

Although individual increases under this year’s salary program are not merit-based, the importance of the performance review process should not be discounted as such employees must be meeting expectations in order to be eligible. All policy-covered staff must continue to receive performance reviews at least annually as required in Staff Personnel Policy (PPSM 23: Performance Management (PDF)).

Salary increases will be processed centrally by Campus Human Resources (CHR) or UCLA Health Human Resources (HHR).

1.  Eligibility Criteria

  • Policy-covered staff appointed and on payroll before January 1, 2021, are eligible for the general increase except as noted in paragraph 2 below.
  • Contract appointees who are subject to PPSM 30: Compensation (PDF) under the terms of their employment contract are eligible for the general increase. For contract employees not subject to PPSM, it is the responsibility of the department to notify CHR or HHR of the need for exclusion prior to the effective date of the increase.
  • For Senior Management Group (SMG) employees, salary actions are in accordance with criteria established by the Office of the President and must be approved by the Chancellor, the President, and/or the Regents.

2.  Ineligible Categories and Appointment Types

  • Per diem
  • Floater (Health System)
  • On probationary status as of June 30, 2021
  • Casual-restricted student appointments
  • Rehired retirees who have not suspended their UCRP payments, including those who received a lump sum cash-out of UCRP benefits at retirement
  • Employees retiring on June 27, 2021 or later
  • Staff members whose most recent performance rating was “unsatisfactory” or “does not meet expectations,” or who have been subject to corrective/disciplinary action during the review period, as documented by the department.

3.  Applicable Policies and Procedures

  • This salary program is made pursuant to Salary Policy PPSM 30 (PDF). All regular approval processes and approval levels will apply to salary actions under this plan.
  • Transactions resulting in total annual cash compensation above $323,700 must be submitted in advance to Campus Human Resources for approval by the Chancellor. Salary actions for SMG employees and some Management and Senior Professional (MSP) employees also require approval by the UC President.
  • For positions that have undergone conversion to Career Tracks, all resulting salaries should remain within the applicable salary range associated with their grade. For positions in legacy titles with 2017-18 salary ranges, that have yet to undergo conversion to Career Tracks, we will notify you regarding approval of changes to the range structure in order to accommodate salary increases above the current range maximum. Any exceptions to exceed the range require advance review and approval by Campus Human Resources or UCLA Health Human Resources.

Information regarding implementation dates and processes will be sent to HR administrators by Compensation Services. For questions, please contact your Compensation Consultant in Campus Human Resources