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Fraud or Mismanagement of Resources

UCLA Whistleblower Information

What you can Report

Any activity by UC or a UC employee that violates any state or federal law or regulation (e.g., corruption, malfeasance, bribery, theft or misuse of government property, fraud, coercion or conversion) or is economically wasteful or involves gross misconduct, gross incompetence or gross inefficiency.

Where to Report

  • Your supervisor or other appropriate administrator within your unit, who will report it to one of the appropriate offices:
    • Academic Personnel Office
    • Audit and Advisory Services
    • Dean - Graduate Division
    • Human Resources
  • UCLA Compliance Hotline at (800) 296-7188. The hotline is independently operated to help ensure confidentiality.

How to Report

  • In writing or orally
  • With as much specific factual information possible (report what you know, but don't investigate — leave that to the experts)
  • Anonymously, if you prefer

Confidentiality will be maintained, to the extent possible.

Protection from Retaliation

If you believe that you have been retaliated against for whistleblowing, you may contact your UCLA Human Resources or Academic Personnel Office for information on how to file a complaint.

Other Resources

In addition to the above UCLA reporting procedures, you have the option of reporting improper activities directly to the State Auditor whistleblower hotline at (800) 952-5665 or to the California Attorney General whistleblower hotline at (800) 952-5225.