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FY 2014-15 Merit Pay Plan for Policy-Covered Staff FAQs

If an employee is serving a probationary period, can a salary increase be granted?
Staff employees still serving a probationary period on June 30, 2014, are not eligible to receive a merit increase.
The salary increase will be processed centrally by using Web Merit. Departments will review Web Merit rosters and remove any staff employees who are ineligible for the salary increase. Detailed instructions forWebMeritcan be found online.
Yes, if their employment contract states that the appointment is subject toPPSM Policy 30, they are eligible.
For the employee to become eligible for an increase, the employment contract would either need to be amended to include PPSM Policy30 or the salary could be re-negotiated.
The salary increase is effective July 1, 2014, for monthly paid employees and June 22, 2014, for biweekly paid employees. Monthly paid employees will see the new pay rate on the August 1, 2014, paycheck and biweekly employees will see the new pay rate on the July 16, 2014, paycheck.
Yes, although it is strongly recommended that a written performance review be completed before an increase is granted. If a non-probationary Career employee has not received a written evaluation, the employee’s overall evaluation is deemed to be Satisfactory and therefore eligible for an increase. Employees whose performance review was “Unsatisfactory” or “Does Not Meet Expectations” should not be recommended for a merit increase. The department should maintain appropriate documentation for the basis of the decision.
Student employees (casual-restricted appointments) are not eligible to participate in the Staff Merit Plan.
Rehired Retirees are not eligible to receive an increase unless they have suspended their UCRP benefits.
Employees paid on a bi-weekly pay cycle do not have a pay period that begins on July 1, 2014. After careful consideration of the options and review with the UCOP Compensation, Benefits, Controller and Payroll Groups, it has been determined that June 22, 2014, will be the effective date for salary increases for bi-weekly paid employees.  The pay period encompasses the July 1 effective date and is consistent with past practices for coordinating our payroll and fiscal cycles when starting a new fiscal year.  Our accounting system recognizes June 22, 2014, through July 5, 2014, as the first pay period of the 2014-2015 fiscal year and the pay compute date for this pay period is July 10, 2014.
No. Based on past practices and operational considerations, any separated or terminated employee is ineligible for a salary increase. They must be actively employed on the pay compute date (July 10, 2014 for the bi-weekly pay period beginning June 22, 2014) to receive the increase.
The same concept noted in #11 above applies to monthly paid employees. The pay compute date for the monthly pay period beginning July 1, 2014, is July 25, 2014. Monthly paid employees who are not actively employed as of July 25, 2014, should not receive the July 1 increase.
Merit Increases for eligible Senior Management Group Members will be processed centrally by Campus Human Resources. (Therefore, they are not listed on the Staff Web Merit Rosters that will be received by departments.)
A department cannot opt out since the plan is campus-wide and University-wide. President Napolitano has sent instructions to the Chancellors at all campuses regarding implementation of the 3% salary plan for policy-covered staff. Departmental budget issues should be discussed with the cognizant Dean or Vice Chancellor.
The merit pool is limited to 3%, calculated on the basis of filled eligible positions, as stated in the guidelines that have been issued. Individual employees, however, could receive more or less than 3% depending on the stated criteria for determining merit increases.
The newsalary rangesare available on the CHR portal.