Manual Processing Instructions AFSCME Patient Care Technical (EX) and Service (SX) Units

EDB Preparers must end the old distribution and create a new distribution with the new step rate. Eligible employees will receive a single step increase. Effective dates for SX employees currently on probation will correspond to the start of the next full payroll cycle following the lapse of the probationary period and end the day prior.

Biweekly Example

  1. End the previous distribution on 7/2/2016 and begin the new distribution on 7/3/2016.
  2. Enter Personnel Action Code 43 (change in rate – other) on the distribution line.
  3. Enter Pan Comments: New rate reflects 7/3/2016 step increase.

Lump Sum Processing Instructions

If an employee is eligible to receive an increase, but is already at the maximum of the range, EX and SX employees are eligible to receive a non-base building 2% lump sum payment equal to the annualized amount of the step increase they would have otherwise been eligible to receive. Amounts for part-time appointments should be reduced proportionally.

  • Lump sum payments should be processed under the DOS Code “LSP.” 
  • If an employee is off step or over max, contact CHR Compensation for guidance.

To calculate the lump sum amount, multiply the title code’s highest hourly step rate by 2% and then multiply the result by 2088 to annualize the amount.


If step 12 was the highest step of the range and the employee was already at step 12 prior to processing step increases, the lump sum would be calculated as follows:

Step 12:   $20.00/hour

$20.00 x 0.02 = $0.40 x 2088 = $835.20

If the employee’s appointment is 80%, the annual award would be reduced proportionally as follows:  $835.20 x 80% = $668.16.


To ensure that the new rates are reflected on the July 27, 2016, paycheck, the new rates must be entered in EDB prior to the July 21, 2016, pay compute-date.