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University of California, Los Angeles
March 2007


Class Specifications – F.20
Senior Paralegal Specialist – 7666 (A&PS)
Paralegal Specialist – 7667 (A&PS)


Paralegal Specialists provide a broad range of research and administrative support for Counsel representing The Regents. Assignments are typically on a project basis where the incumbent is expected to perform in-depth factual investigations, involving interviews and document reviews; identify further investigation that may be necessary; organize and analyze material and information obtained; prepare correspondence, memoranda and other documents, such as pleadings, declarations, discovery requests and responses, and pre-trial statements; communicate with witnesses, consultants, experts, University officials and related parties; evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of individual cases; and review and manage recurring matters in specialized areas. Information and materials obtained are presented to the responsible attorney for determination of subsequent action.

A&PS Benchmark Level

The A&PS benchmark level is Paralegal Specialist. Incumbents typically work under supervision on defined projects. They gather information as requested by the responsible attorney and/or the unit supervisor. Documents drafted are typically based on existing examples. Projects are generally less complex than those assigned to Senior Paralegal Specialists. Guidance and background information are provided by attorneys and higher-level Paralegal Specialists. Incumbents may be assigned one or more distinct subject areas, such that all routine matters that arise in those areas would be handled under only general supervision.

Journey or Fully Operational Level in Series

The fully operational level is Paralegal Specialist.

Certification or Licensure Requirements