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University of California, Los Angeles
March 2007


Class Specification – D.20
Recording Technician – 6254



Under general supervision, Recording Technicians operate and perform minor maintenance on sound recording equipment in the production of speeches, lectures, readings, musical productions, language lessons, linguistic materials and cultural events; and perform other related duties as required.

Recording Technicians work in either a soundproof studio or at on-site locations. Incumbents select and position microphones; may instruct performers to project voices or instruments for microphone pickup; set up and operate input consoles, audio tape recorders and turntables; regulate volume level of recording equipment and fader controls to specified levels, and mix sound to obtain balance between voice, music and sound effects; rerecord, splice, and edit audio tapes to produce finished product on either regular or high speed duplication equipment; transfer phonodisc collections onto audio tape; maintain inventory of tapes and related sound recording equipment; and may act as curator of sound library.

Examples of duties allocated to this level of difficulty and responsibility are as follows:

  • Sets up and processes sound recordings of lectures, speeches and readings for faculty members.
  • Records prepared scripts for instruction in foreign language; edits original, and duplicates, codes and labels final product; and indicates errors by matching script with master audio tape recording.
  • Records, edits, dubs and cuts special musical or theatrical audio tapes for class reserve use.
  • Cleans, demagnetizes and aligns audio tape recorder heads, balances phonograph tone arms, adjusts speeds, makes minor repairs, and reports any major equipment failures.


Two years of experience with sound equipment or professional broadcast recording; and knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance to the duties assigned to the position.