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Policies Related to Substance Abuse in the Workplace

UCLA has had a long-standing and steadfast commitment to preventing and addressing substance abuse problems in the workplace. To assist in achieving a campus free of substance abuse, the University has adopted policies prohibiting the unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, possession or use of controlled substances and alcohol on University property or at official functions, on-campus or off. The policies are available in Related Information.

Employees found to be in violation of this policy, including student employees if the circumstances warrant, may be subject to corrective action, up to and including dismissal, under applicable University policies and labor contracts, or may be required, at the discretion of the University, to participate satisfactorily in an Employee Support Program.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, a copy of this official notice or the "Substance Abuse in the Workplace" Brochure must be made available to every UCLA academic and staff employee. Failure by the University to provide this notice may result in the loss of eligibility for federal funds, including contract and grant funding or financial aid. Department administrators should ensure that current employees who do not have regular access to a computer, and those newly hired, receive a printed copy of the brochure. Campus Human Resources will notify departments when the printed brochures are available. However, you can print a PDF of the brochure by clicking on "Substance Abuse in the Workplace" Brochure in Related Information.

For individuals who may be suffering from alcohol and/or drug dependency, assistance is available and the condition is treatable. UCLA offers confidential programs and services to assist those with substance-abuse problems. The following offices may be contacted for questions regarding University policies or assistance programs:

  • Academic Personnel: (310) 825-3841 
  • CHR Employee & Labor Relations: (310) 794-0860
  • Healthcare Human Resources: (310) 794-0500
  • Staff and Faculty Counseling Center: (310) 794-0245
  • Student Psychological Services: (310) 825-0768 

Campus Human Resources, Employee & Labor Relations
Phone: (310) 794-0860 | Fax: (310) 794-0865

Campus Human Resources, Staff and Faculty Counseling Center
Phone: (310) 794-0245 | Fax: (310) 794-0251