UCLA K4 Bargaining Update - May 18 and 25, 2022

UCLA and Teamsters Local 2010 met for their nineteenth and twentieth bargaining sessions on May 18 and 25, 2022. Teamsters Local 2010 continued delivering its economic proposals and brought members of the bargaining unit to give testimonials regarding current wage rates. However, Teamsters has not yet provided the University with its full initial economic proposal. The University expects to receive Teamsters’ complete economic proposal soon so that it may understand the total fiscal impact and likewise issue a substantive response. The parties exchanged proposals regarding Article 23 (Leaves of Absence Without Pay), Article 26 (Grievance Procedure), Article 27 (Arbitration Procedure), Article 42 (No Strike No Lockout), and Appendix A (List of Arbitrators). The parties continued their positive momentum by reaching tentative agreement Article 40 (Union Rights) and Appendix F (Service Engineer Selection Procedure). UCLA and Teamsters Local 2010 are close to tentative agreement on Article 23 (Leaves of Absence Without Pay), and a new article regarding Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB).


The parties have reached tentative agreement on a significant majority of the articles and appendices. Many remaining pending items for tentative agreement are directly related to economics as a combination of thirteen articles and appendices impact that issue. To date, the parties have reached tentative agreement on thirty (30) articles and five (5) appendices:


  • Article 4 (Nondiscrimination In Employment)
  • Article 5 (Positions and Appointments)
  • Article 6 (Probationary Period)
  • Article 8 (Personnel Files)
  • Article 9 (Apprentices)
  • Article 13 (Uniforms, Tools and Equipment)
  • Article 16 (Holidays)
  • Article 17 (Vacation)
  • Article 18 (Sick Leave)
  • Article 19 (Work-Incurred Injury or Illness)
  • Article 20 (Medical Separation)
  • Article 21 (Reasonable Accommodation)
  • Article 22 (Leave of Absence With Pay)
  • Article 24 (Military Leave)
  • Article 28 (layoff and Reduction in Time)
  • Article 29 (Safety Committee)
  • Article 30 (Health and Safety)
  • Article 31 (Safety Lockout Program)
  • Article 36 (Dues Deductions)
  • Article 37 (Labor-Management Relations)
  • Article 38 (Bargaining Unit Work)
  • Article 39 (Subcontracting Unit Work)
  • Article 40 (Union Rights)
  • Article 43 (Waiver)
  • Article 44 (Severability)
  • New Article (Employee Information & New Employee Orientation)
  • New Article (Job Resignation)
  • New Article (Voluntary Termination)
  • New Article (Lie Detector [polygraph] Tests)
  • New Article (Mileage Reimbursement)
  • Appendix C (Location of Personnel Files)
  • Appendix D (Crafts Apprenticeship Standards)
  • Appendix E (Bulletin Boards)
  • Appendix F (Service Engineer Selection Procedure)
  • Appendix I (University Policies & Work Rules)


The parties will reconvene during their next bargaining session on June 1, 2022.