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UCLA K4 Bargaining Update - April 13 & 20, 2022

The University and Teamsters Local 2010 met on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 and started the bargaining session with tentative agreements on Article 43 (“Waiver”), Appendix I (“University Policies & Work Rules”). Further, the parties came to agreement on updates to the existing Master Key Ring policy within Facilities Management.

Teamsters passed proposals on several non-economic items including Article 16 (“Holidays”), Article 17 (“Vacation”), Article 18 (“Sick Leave”), and Appendix G (“Family and Medical Leave – Military Caregiver Leave”), which sparked a discussion about both operational need and seniority, especially as it relates to vacation requests by bargaining unit members. Teamsters also passed proposals on Article 23 (“Leaves of Absence without Pay”) and Appendix D (“Crafts Apprenticeship Standard”), while both parties passed proposals on Article 9 (“Apprentices”) and Article 22 (“Leaves of Absence with Pay”).

The parties met again on April 20, 2022 for their fifteenth bargaining session and continued to pass counterproposals on a variety of non-economic articles, including:

  • Article 9 (“Apprentices”)
  • Article 12 (“Hours of Work”)
  • Article 16 (“Holidays”)
  • Article 17 (“Vacation”)
  • Article 18 (“Sick Leave”)
  • Article 23 (“Leaves of Absence with Pay”)
  • Article 39 (“Subcontracting Unit Work”)

The parties were ultimately able to reach tentative agreement on Article 22 (“Leaves of Absence with Pay”) and Article 24 “(Military Leave”). The next bargaining session will take place on April 27, 2022. The University looks forward to continued progress in further negotiations with Teamsters Local 2010.

Thus far, the parties have reached tentative agreement on over 50% of the collective bargaining agreement.