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UCLA K4 Bargaining Update - Feb. 16 & 18, 2022

The University and Teamsters Local 2010 continued negotiations on Wednesday, February 16 and Friday, February 18.

On February 16, 2022, discussions began around the parties’ shared common interest in a diverse panel of arbitrators. The University and Teamsters Local 2010 also began discussing proposals for four new job classifications within the bargaining unit. Both parties passed proposals regarding Article 26 (“Grievance Procedure”), Article 27 (“Arbitration Procedure”), Article 30 (“Health & Safety”), and Appendix A (“List of Arbitrators”). Ultimately, the parties were able to reach tentative agreement on 3 proposals, including Article 36 (“Dues Deductions”), Appendix C (“Location of Personnel Files”), Appendix E (“Bulletin Boards”).

During their 10th bargaining session on February 18, 2022, the parties were able to reach tentative agreement on Article 29 (“Safety Committee”) and Article 30 (“Health and Safety”). The parties have now reached tentative agreement on 24 articles. The parties continue to maintain significant progress at the table. Discussion was had regarding Article 43 (“Waiver”) and Appendix I (“University Policies & Work Rules”). The parties continued discussions pertaining to new positions the University is proposing to add to the skilled trades unit. To this end, the parties scheduled time on February 23 and 25, to be joined by employees and managers with specific knowledge of each position, in furtherance of the negotiations. Some articles exchanged today merited being presented and discussed together and were thus passed as package proposals. These included proposals regarding leaves of absence articles, as well as articles having to do with grievance and arbitration procedures. The day concluded with both parties discussing concerns regarding classifications and remedies prescribed by the collective bargaining agreement should an employee work out of their classification.