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UCLA K4 Bargaining Update - Feb. 23, 2022

The eleventh (11th) bargaining session on February 23, 2022 centered on discussions regarding  four (4) new positions the University is proposing to create and add to the skilled trades bargaining unit, including building automation controls technician, building operating engineer, automation engineer, and instrument and controls electrician. The University is also proposing to add two (2) other positions to the K4 unit that have not yet been discussed by the parties, including high voltage electrician and sprinkler fitter plumber.

The University spent the bargaining session engaging with Teamsters Local 2010 to understand their concerns regarding the creation of the positions. The University made subject matter experts available throughout the bargaining session and presented each of the new job descriptions alongside relevant class specifications. The Union also provided a counter proposal, including modifications to some of the proposed job descriptions and class specifications.

These positions represent specialized skills that are critical for the continued satisfactory operations of University systems and offer a significant benefit to both Teamsters and the University. These positions are important for the career path development of the University’s skilled trades workforce, represent fantastic growth opportunities, and are also well compensated. While some of these positions are unique to UCLA, others are utilized at other UC Campuses and are represented by those specific local skilled trades units. 

The parties will continue their discussions over these six (6) new classifications on Tuesday, March 2, 2022. Specifically, the parties will be addressing the proposed positions of plumber – sprinkler fitter and high voltage electrician.