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UCLA K4 Bargaining Update - March 2 & 9, 2022

The University and Teamsters Local 2010 met again on Wednesday, March 2 to continue discussions regarding two new job classifications the University has proposed to add to the skilled trades bargaining unit, namely High Voltage Electrician and Plumber Sprinkler Fitter. The Union also presented a proposal to add a new classification – Maintenance Mechanic –  to more aptly classify Facilities Mechanics who work in certain areas of housing maintenance.

Both parties are largely in agreement with the Job Description proposed for a High Voltage Electrician. In fact, the only difference in the Union’s counter was the removal of language Teamsters found to be redundant with Article 12 (“Hours of Work”).

With respect to the job description for the Plumber Sprinkler Fitter Plumber, the parties remain apart on aspects such as the job classification this title belongs to, among other items. The parties will endeavor to continue their ongoing discussions in subsequent sessions.

Bargaining resumed on Wednesday, March 9. The parties continued their negotiations regarding proposed classifications to be added to the skilled trades unit and Teamsters passed proposals regarding Article 1 (“Recognition”), Article 2 (“Classifications and Reclassification”), and Article 10 (“Training and Development”). The University also discussed important updates to the master key work rule within Facilities Management as well as employee expectations regarding the same. The Department is seeking increased flexibility with an updated work rule that takes into account the specific circumstances of each case. The University also presented a previously passed proposal for Article 12 (“Hours of Work”).

The University is presently expecting responses from Teamsters on the following Articles:

  • Article 7 –  “Performance Evaluations”
  • Article 9 – “Apprentices”
  • Article 11 – “Promotion and Transfer”
  • Article 12 – “Hours of Work”
  • Article 16 – “Holidays”
  • Article 17 – “Vacation”
  • Article 18 – “Sick Leave”
  • Article 22 – “Leave of Absence with Pay”
  • Article 23 – “Leave of Absence without Pay”
  • Article 35 – “Death Payments”
  • Article 39 – “Subcontracting Unit Work”
  • Article 40 – “Union Rights”
  • Article 41 – “Management Rights”
  • Article 42 – “No Strike / No Lockout”
  • Appendix D – “Crafts Apprenticeship Standards”
  • Appendix F – “Alt. Service Engineers / Service Engineer Selection”
  • Additionally, the University is also expecting responses on several newly proposed articles.