UCLA K4 Bargaining Update - May 4, 2022

UCLA and Teamsters Local 2010 met for their seventeenth bargaining session on May 4, 2022. The parties continued to enjoy successful progress and were able to reach tentative agreement on Article 17 (Vacation). In addition, the parties are close to reaching tentative agreement on Article 9 (Apprentices) and Article 39 (Subcontracting Unit Work). UCLA passed a package of proposals including Article 26 (Grievance Procedure), Article 27 (Arbitration Procedure), and Appendix A (List of Arbitrators). The parties exchanged proposals regarding Article 12 (Hours of Work), and Teamsters submitted a proposal regarding Appendix F (Service Engineer Selection Procedure). UCLA and Teamsters Local 2010 have only several non-economic articles remaining to reach tentative agreement on. The University looks forward to continued progress during the next scheduled bargaining session on May 11, 2022.