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UCLA K4 Bargaining Update - Feb. 10 & 11, 2022

The parties concluded their seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) bargaining sessions, after reaching tentative agreement on Article 28 (“Layoff and Reduction in Time”), and three (3) new articles (“Voluntary Termination,” “Lie Detector (Polygraph) Tests,” and “Mileage Reimbursement”). In total, the parties reached tentative agreement on four (4) articles this week and have cumulatively reached tentative agreement on nineteen (19) articles.

On February 10, the University gave a comprehensive presentation on the University of California’s competitive bidding requirements for construction projects. The presentation delineated the difference between construction and maintenance projects and the University’s obligations under both project classifications.

UCLA passed yet another proposal regarding Fair and Respectful Treatment. This proposal is almost identical to the Fair and Respectful article passed by the parties at the University of California, San Diego and mirrors a similar article contained in the Teamsters’ Clerical Unit contract. The University expects Teamsters to provide a substantive counter proposal.

On February 11, the parties continued substantive discussions regarding Article 29 (“Safety Committee”) and Article 30 (“Health and Safety”) and held substantive discussions. It appears that the parties are close to reaching agreement on these important articles.

The University and Teamsters also continued conversations regarding proposals for Article 10 (“Training and Development”). The University has proposed creating a task force in partnership with Teamsters Local 2010 to develop a training and development program for the skilled trades bargaining unit. 

The University also passed a proposal to add multiple high-paying job titles to the skilled trades unit. These titles are: High Voltage Electrician, Instruments & Controls Electrician, Sprinkler Fitter – Plumber, Automation Engineer, Building Operating Engineer, and Building Automation Control Technician.  The majority of these classifications exist at other campuses and are represented by Teamsters Local 2010.

The Parties will meet again on February 16 and 18, 2022.