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UCLA K4 Bargaining Update - Feb. 3, 2022

The University started off their sixth bargaining session with a robust presentation on workplace violence prevention. The parties also watched a video titled “Surviving an Active Shooter” created by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The presentation prompted discussion about the importance of safety and each party’s shared responsibility to recognize and report potential safety threats. In addition, the parties discussed the importance of the University’s commitment to train its employees, including training regarding workplace violence prevention.

The parties ended the bargaining session on a high note after reaching tentative agreement on three articles, including Article 19 (“Work-Incurred Injury or Illness”), Article 20 (“Medical Separation”), and Article 21 (“Reasonable Accommodation”). The parties are also close to agreement on several additional articles and hope to reach tentative agreement at the next bargaining session on Thursday, February 10. The University has also scheduled a presentation at the next bargaining session on the University of California’s competitive bidding requirements for construction projects.