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Bright Horizons Care Advantage Program


For the past two years, eligible UC faculty and staff have enjoyed SelectPlus, an online tool to help them find baby sitters, caregivers, nannies, and pet sitters, as well as resources for elder care. Subsequently, Bright Horizons acquired SelectPlus, which as of January 1, 2014, was offered by Bright Horizons as part of the newly created Bright Horizons Care Advantage Program.

Whether you’re experiencing a breakdown in your normal child care, looking for an after-school sitter, a caregiver for an adult or elder loved one, or someone to walk the dog—Bright Horizons is there for you.

Select Plus
A robust network of locally based in-home care providers including:

  • Self-selected, pre-screened caregivers
  • Every day and occasional care (babysitters and nannies) for children and for special needs
  • Elder caregivers
  • Homework help, household, and pet care

Years Ahead (elder care) Services
A comprehensive solution to adult/elder care needs including:

  • Certified adult/elder care advisors and a needs assessment to guide your search for care
  • Specialized facilities including memory care, hospice care, and independent/assisted-living communities
  • In-home health care and dependent care

To learn more about "Years Ahead" elder-care services, watch an eight-minute presentation online.

What is the Cost?
The cost of membership is paid by the University. Employees pay only for the services of the caregivers they select.

Who Is Eligible?
Employees eligible for this program include non-represented employees who are currently receiving benefits. Eligibility of represented employees is subject to the applicable collective bargaining agreement and is posted on the Bright Horizons website.

We encourage you to take advantage of this resource, as it is an excellent part of UC’s work-life benefit programs.


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