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UCLA Management Enrichment Program

The UCLA Management Enrichment Program (MEP) is designed to provide a framework for enhancing decision-making and leadership skills, particularly in key areas such as strategic planning, financial and human resource management, along with achieving an understanding of the context in which decisions are made at UCLA. A core element of this cohort-based program is the opportunity to strengthen participants’ professional network and introduce high-potential managers to decision makers at UCLA.

Following an initial pilot program in 2016-17, Vice Chancellors Michael Beck and Steven Olsen are serving as program sponsors. Based on feedback from the inaugural offering, the program has been updated to include additional interactive sessions with senior managers, facilitated panel discussions, and UCLA-relevant case studies. The program includes individual projects to be identified by participants and designed to meet department objectives by applying the knowledge gained through MEP.

MEP consists of eight half-day sessions between January and May 2018, with a graduation luncheon and certificate presentations at the end of the program.

Participation is limited to 25 attendees, with the expectation that they will attend all sessions. Each session is scheduled to take place on campus.

If you have any questions, contact Rejeana Mathis, CHR Management Development Manager, at for program information.

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