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LinkedIn Learning Expansion

In alignment with UCLA’s ongoing commitment to professional and career development, LinkedIn Learning is now available to all staff.

LinkedIn Learning (LiL) is an award-winning industry leader in online training that enables participants to complete courses that advance organizational priorities, team goals, and individual growth. LiL provides more than 16,000 courses, with 300 learning paths, that address the needs of managers and individual contributors with varying work schedules and resources.

E-learning is critical for organizational recruitment and retention efforts, hybrid and remote work arrangements, and employee wellness initiatives. LiL is designed to assist managers in meeting the expectation to support the performance and professional growth of their staff in all work environments. Campus Human Resources (CHR) Learning & Organizational Development (L&OD) will use online learning to reinforce knowledge gained in current offerings and programs. Departments and teams can create customized learning paths to address their targeted priorities, and L&OD can assist with these efforts.

Visit the E-learning: LinkedIn Learning website for a recent announcement and information on activating your LiL account. Updates regarding LiL features and offerings will be communicated throughout the year via the CHR Training Newsletter, CHR portal, and outreach to staff advisory groups. If you have any immediate questions, please contact or Rejeana Mathis, Lead Manager, Learning & Organizational Development, at