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Policies and Guidelines on Substance Misuse in the Workplace

UCLA strives to foster the highest standards of personal wellness throughout the campus community. To that end, we urge each of you to help ensure that all of us on campus — as well as those working remotely — are free from substance misuse and have the resources needed to address addiction.

Effective behavioral and medical treatments are available for substance use disorders. UCLA offers confidential programs and services for those dealing with substance misuse and addiction. We encourage all members of the campus community who feel they may have a problem, or who are interested in learning more about preventing such a problem, to seek help.
To ensure our campus community limits the risks due to misuse of substances, the University of California has adopted policies prohibiting the unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, possession or use of controlled substances, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana on university property or at official functions, on or off campus.

The policies can be viewed in the University of California Policy on Substance Abuse.

According to state and federal law, a copy of this official notice or the Substance Misuse in the Workplace brochure must be made available to every UCLA academic and staff employee. Failure to provide this notice may result in the loss of eligibility for federal funds, including contract and grant funding or financial aid. Therefore, the Substance Misuse in the Workplace brochure is available online via the Campus Human Resources portal.

UCLA has a long-standing dedication to preventing and addressing problems caused by substance misuse in the workplace. Its collective excellence demands a high level of individual responsibility, concern for our colleagues at all levels and a steadfast pledge to maintain a safe and productive campus environment.