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2019-2020 Performance Evaluations

To:  Deans, Directors, Department Chairs and Administrative Officers

Dear Colleagues:

You will recall that last April, we extended the timeframe for conducting performance evaluations for Fiscal Year 2019-20 until this fall, based on flexibility provided by the UC President. UCLA’s senior leadership has requested that campus departments complete this process before the end of October, 2020.

In the current environment, it is more important than ever for faculty and staff in a supervisory role to have meaningful discussions with staff regarding their accomplishments, as well as setting goals and expectations. Performance reviews are a key component of employee development and are required annually as described in Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 23 (PDF).

For staff reviews, please use the streamlined Performance Evaluation Form (DOCX), along with the Performance Evaluation Guide (DOCX) that clearly explains the performance management process. In addition, the Employee Self-Appraisal Form (DOCX) is recommended for inclusion in the review process so that employees can summarize their contributions.

The following resources are available to assist with the performance management process:

If you have any questions about resources to support the performance evaluation process, please contact Rejeana Mathis at


Lubbe Levin
Associate Vice Chancellor
Campus Human Resources