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Interview Preparation

This exercise will aid you in organizing your thoughts in preparation for a successful interview. Respond to those questions that are relevant to your background. Elaborate but be specific. The questions in parentheses will guide you in responding to the primary question.

  1. What information do I have concerning the company and job?

  2. What is my educational background and how is it relevant to the job?

  3. What is my work experience background and how is it relevant? How will it make me valuable and what contributions did I make that I should share?

  4. What are your skills and abilities and how do they relate to the job? Examples?

  5. My weaknesses are and how do I try to work on them?

  6. What interests me about the job with respect to my career goals?

  7. What are my career goals?

  8. In summary, what would I like the interviewer to know about me?

  9. What specific questions may I want to ask?

                    a. What kind of training is provided?
                    b. What are the opportunities for growth?
                    c. Ask about the organization’s structure.
                    d. Ask about the goals and directions of the department

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