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UCLA Online Interviewing Guidelines

In an effort to reduce travel expenses and save time, hiring managers may choose to interview job candidates online. When conducting an online interview, hiring managers should follow the same guidelines and processes that are required for onsite interviews.    

Here are some interview guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Online interviews are ideal for senior-level professional or managerial positions, especially for candidates that are outside of the region or outside of California.
  • Online interviews should not be used as the sole basis for making final hiring decisions, but rather as a first level interview or initial screening interview if the candidates are out of the area.
  • Notify the candidates in advance that you would like to interview them online; make sure that is acceptable to them.
  • Prior to the interviews, formulate questions that will be asked of the candidates so everything runs smoothly.
  • Inform the candidates of the approximate length of the interview.
  • For all candidates (online or in person), be consistent with the questions you ask and the length of time you spend conducting the interviews.
  • Allow time for the candidates to ask questions.
  • Follow all appropriate UCLA policies, procedures and affirmative action/EEO guidelines during your interviews. 
  • If you need assistance or have questions, contact your Campus Human Resources Employment Consultant.

Campus Human Resources, Employment Services
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