Departmental Training Services

Training intact workgroups in departments offers the unique benefit of enhancing the skills of all staff members at the same time. Campus Human Resources works exclusively with managers or department heads to provide training that is tailored to address the distinct needs of different university departments. In this way, all staff members share the same information and there is greater support for implementing the training content. The following are examples of training that can be offered to department staff:

  • Building Effective Work Teams
  • Building Productive Work Relationships
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Group Problem Solving
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Leadership
  • Meeting Management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Supervisory Development
  • Time Management
  • Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence

A modest charge for campus clients is incurred for departmental training ($549 for a half-day, $941 for a whole day). As the group size increases, this works out to be less per trainee than sending individual trainees to regular program classes.

To schedule a workshop, contact Learning & Organizational Development (310) 794-0854

Other CHR units offer training to intact workgroups. A contact number is provided below each topic area.

Benefits (310) 794-0830

  • Benefit Package
  • Retirement Planning

Compensation Services (310) 794-0880

  • Job Descriptions

Employee and Labor Relations (310) 794-0860

  • Personnel Files, FLSA and FMLA training
  • Staff Personnel Policies and Contracts
  • Taking Corrective Action

Employment Services (310) 794-0890

  • Interviewing the Job Applicant
  • The Employee Selection Process
  • Online Job Requisition Training
  • Resume

Staff and Faculty Counseling Center (310) 794-0245

  • Building Productive Work Relationships
  • Managing Change
  • Stress Management

Staff Affirmative Action (310) 794-0691

  • Managing a Diverse Workforce

Campus Human Resources, Learning & Organizational Development
Phone: (310) 794-0850