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Supervisory Leadership Principles Certificate – Course Registration Information

For general information about this certificate as well as the Supervisory HR Principles Certificate and the courses associated with them, please visit

To register for courses which are delivered live, search for the course name in the UC Learning Center –  If an upcoming session of the class is available, that session will appear in the search results.

To register for a self-paced course, click on the link provided below – the link leads to a Study Guide; download the Study Guide and follow the instructions it provides.  (Note: the four links in the final item on the list – the Supervisory Leadership Principles UCPMC Bundle – lead directly to those e-courses in the UC Learning Center and do not have a study guide like those associated with the other courses.)


(An asterisk indicates the course is required)

Building Productive Work Relationships

Communication Skills for Supervisors*

Dealing Effectively with Troubled Employees*

Introduction to Supervision*

Managing Change

Performance Management*

Preventing Workplace Discrimination, Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment*

(This class is offered both live and self-paced – both versions can be found by searching for the title in the UC Learning Center.)

Quality Hiring Practices: Effective Interviewing Skills

Supervisory Principles Workshop*


(An asterisk indicates the course is required)

Link to Self-paced course

Building Effective Work Teams

Click Here

Delegation Skills for Supervisors*

Click Here

Remote and Hybrid Team Supervision

To be released June ‘24

Supervising with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion*

To be released July ‘24

Supervisory Leadership Principles UCPMC Bundle

Completing the following four short courses from the UC People Management Certificate curriculum counts as one elective toward the Supervisory Leadership Principles Certificate:

  • Hiring for Success
  • Strategic Onboarding
  • Engaging and Developing Employees
  • Coaching for Performance

“Hiring…” link

“Strategic…” link

“Engaging…” link

“Coaching…” link


The Supervisory Leadership Principles Certificate is recommended for UCLA staff and faculty who are:

  • relatively new to supervision
  • longer-term supervisors wanting to update, build on, or reinforce their skills and knowledge
  • non-supervisors who aspire to supervisory positions.

Requirements: the Supervisory Leadership Principles Certificate is earned by successful completion of 11 courses – 8 required plus 3 electives. The only sequence recommendation is to begin with the classes Introduction to Supervision and Supervisory Principles


The live courses in the series are highly participative – attendees interact with the facilitator and each other in discussions and activities in large-group and small-group/breakout settings. 

The self-paced courses in the series leverage e-learning and other online content as well as interaction with the participant’s own team members, their supervisor, and other colleagues in order to complete the coursework.

All of the courses which are part of this certificate series are also available to be taken individually without pursuing a certificate.