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UCLA Campus Job Opportunities Transition

A screenshot of the new UCLA campus job website

Transition Overview

  • UCLA is excited to announce that on March 26, 2024, we will be transitioning to a new UCLA Campus Job Opportunities application system.
  • The new system is a modern, easy-to-use system and will streamline how candidates apply to jobs at UCLA and view the status of their applications.
  • When UCLA transitions to the new system, all applicants will remain under consideration for any open positions they have previously applied for within the previous system.
  • However, information such as your applicant profile, application history, resumes, and job statuses from the legacy system will no longer be accessible.
  • Additionally, on and after March 26, 2024, candidates may be invited to create a new applicant profile and continue their recruitment in the new system.
  • Please note that the number of job openings on the UCLA Campus Job Opportunities website will increase over time as we complete our transition and new job postings are populated. Please bookmark the site and check back often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have already applied for a position in the previous system, no additional action is needed from you. If you are selected to proceed in the recruitment process, the hiring department will contact you directly regarding next steps.

Beginning on March 26, visit the How to Apply webpage on instructions on how to apply for positions in the new system.

If you had a profile in the old system, the new system did not carry over your username and password from the old system. You can recreate your username and reset your password once you have applied to a position or setup your profile in the new system. However, if you are trying to reset your password but you have not yet applied for a position or setup your profile in the new system you will not have a password to reset.