Step Increases for AFSCME Patient Care Technical (EX) and Service (SX) Units

Pursuant to the agreement between the University of California and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) bargaining unit, UCLA will implement a single step increase for eligible EX and SX biweekly paid employees effective July 3, 2016. Additional detail is contained in the Wages sections of the respective contract. 

Departments will utilize Web Merit to enter step increases for eligible employees. Manual processing instructions are included as part of this document for employees omitted from Web Merit rosters or those requiring special handling. 

All eligible non-probationary SX employees within range will receive a single step increase while eligible EX employees within range who have achieved a new level of experience, will be eligible for an experience based step increase. Probationary SX employees will be eligible to receive their step effective with the beginning of the first full pay period following lapse of their probationary period (without retroactivity). There is no across the board component, so structures will not be changing from their current rates at this time.


  • Both EX and SX employees must be in the bargaining unit and on pay status or on approved leave on the effective date of the increase and the date of payout.
  • For SX employees only, limited appointments are not eligible and probationary employees will not be eligible to receive the step until their probationary period lapses.
  • For EX employees only, terms are dictated by the UCLA/UCLAMC side letter contained in the EX collective-bargaining agreement defining experience based step eligibility.

Step Increase Processing                                                                                     

  • Web merit rosters will be open for department input effective immediately
  • Web merit rosters close to department input and open for control point review and changes Thursday, June 30 at 5 p.m.  and will close to control point review on Wednesday July, 6 at 5 p.m.
  • New rates reflecting the step-increase for biweekly paid employees will visible in EDB on Tuesday, July 12 and be reflected on the July 27 paycheck.

Top Step – Lump Sum

  • SX and EX employees at the range maximum or above, who are not receiving a salary increase, shall be paid a one time, annualized, 2% non-base building lump sum payment equal to the step increase they would have otherwise been eligible to receive.
  • Amounts for part-time appointments should be reduced proportionally. See the manual processing instructions for examples.
  • Lump sum payments, if applicable, should be processed in time to be included as part of the July 27th paycheck.


Contact Campus Human Resources Compensation Services at 310-794-0890 or your Compensation Consultant with questions regarding these upcoming wage changes. Questions regarding EDB should be directed to CHR Policy & Personnel Services at 310-794-3147.

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