UC Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Policy

The University of California is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which all persons who participate in University programs and activities can work together in an atmosphere free of all forms of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation, including sexual.

With that in mind, earlier this year the Office of the President revised its Policy on Sexual Harassment to address federal changes that were made to the Violence against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA 2013) and went into effect March 7, 2014.

The changes that were approved and incorporated into the policy included:

  • A change in title to “Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence.”
  • Reporting campus crime statistics beyond the crime categories the Clery Act already mandates, to include incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking, as well as crimes motivated by national origin and gender identity.
  • Providing primary prevention and awareness programs for incoming students and new employees, in addition to ongoing education programs to promote awareness of rape, acquaintance rape, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.
  • Conducting annual training for personnel who investigate and review asserted offenses.
  • Adopting policy to address and prevent campus sexual violence.

The policy applies to faculty, staff and students, and its content will continue to evolve in response to any further changes in federal and state mandates. For information regarding UCLA’s corresponding procedure, visit UCLA Procedure 630.1 – Responding to Reports of Sexual Harassment. Other resources on sexual harassment can be found at UCLA Sexual Harassment Prevention Office and on the Campus Human Resources portal.


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