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Review Process for Compensation Actions (FY 2020)

Consistent with the UC President’s announcement of a salary freeze and during this time of fiscal uncertainty, Campus Human Resources is available for review and consultation on compensation proposals.

UCLA Local Procedure 30 requires that all new positions be classified by CHR and that any changes to classifications including reclassifications require advance review and approval by Campus Human Resources.

In accordance with UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 30: Compensation and UCLA Procedure 30 - Salary related to compensation actions, the authority to approve salary actions such as equity adjustments, retention proposals, increases upon reclassification, and stipends up to 15% is delegated to Vice Chancellors and Deans within their respective areas of responsibility. These actions must be consistent with policy requirements and limitations, and may not be used as a replacement for merit. During the current salary freeze, the approval authority granted to the Vice Chancellors and Deans may not be re-delegated to other individuals in the organization.  Written approval from the VC or Dean must accompany the requested action.

For staff or MSP employees who report directly to a Vice Chancellor or Dean, one-over-one approval of compensation proposals is required, with final approval by the Executive Vice Chancellor/ Provost. 

For any compensation proposals above the range maximum of MSP 6 ($246,000) or Career Tracks Grade 27 or above, advance review by Campus Human Resources Compensation Services is required for approval by the EVC/Provost. Total cash compensation above the Indexed Compensation Level of $323,700 requires advance review by Campus Human Resources for approval by the Chancellor and reporting to UCOP.


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