Redesign of the Campus Human Resources Portal

The Campus Human Resources (CHR) portal launched a brand-new look. The website has been redesigned to more closely align with the UCLA gateway site and other Administrative portal partners, as well as offer improved tools for effective human resource administration.

Here are some of the new features available on the site:

  • Design that prominently features  photos, videos, and other graphics to deliver valuable information to faculty, staff members, retirees, visitors, and students
  • Shorter URLs that match the subject matter
  • Easier-to-read copy
  • Standardized links

While the portal may look visually different, the navigational elements of the site have not changed. As in the previous portal design, CHR channels are listed on the left side of the landing page and link directly to a specific subject matter, such as Benefits, Employee Counseling or Training & Development. In each article on the CHR portal, users will see the familiar “Related Information” box on the right side of the page for additional related resources.

Note: If you bookmarked your favorite article, as of May 30, 2014, it will no longer take you directly to the page you saved. You will have to navigate to your desired article page and save it again in your bookmarks or “favorites.” The new CHR homepage URL will be

The redesign is just the first step in improvements to the portal, with more to come in the future.

For questions or comments on the changes, contact Susan Shahoda at (310) 794-0868 or