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Before online EDB data entry, preparers should:

  • Make sure all necessary documentation and pre-approvals have been obtained before data entry occurs.
  • Create “personnel action checklists” tailored to the type of action that will be processed.

The following checklists may be used as a guide (Please click on the link to access). You may create your own or add additional information that is unique or specific to your department or need.

  • EDB Transaction Request Form: Supervisors fill out this form whenever a new employee is hired or a change in the employee’s status has occurred. After the form is completed, supervisors should forward it to EDB Preparers for online entry.
  • New Hires, Rehires, and Transfers Checklist: This checklist has personnel, benefits and payroll related information pertinent for all new hires, rehires and transfer appointments. It lists booklets and forms that should be reviewed or signed by the employee and HR representative before distributing to the office of record or personnel file. 
  • Personal Data Sheet: Two forms were designed by Office of the President.
    • The Union Related Model should be used for the represented employees in the following groups: Service (SX); Patient Care Technical (EX); Research Support Professionals (RX), and; Technical (TX).
    • The Generic Model should be used for all other groups, including non-represented employees.

Both forms provide employee's personal information and should be filled out and signed by all new hires prior to online entry. (Note: The name on the Personal Data Form will be entered in EDB and should be identical to the name on the Social Security Card.)

  • Leave of Absence Checklist: This checklist reminds the HR Representative of pertinent forms and information that should be shared and reviewed with the employee.
  • Separation and Transfer Checklist: This checklist has personnel, benefits and payroll related information pertinent for all employees leaving the University or transferring to another department. It contains forms that require signature as well as information to be shared with departing employees.


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