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Revised Personnel Policies for Staff Members 1, 2, 70 and 82


The University of California (UC) Office of the President has revised several Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM), as well as consolidated two existing policies into one. The changes are effective immediately.

The following policies have been revised:

These policies underwent review to bring into compliance with the three-year policy review requirement and the Working Smarter directive to combine policies where appropriate. PPSM 1, 2 and 82 underwent technical review with minor revisions including adding references, updating position titles, removing duplicative language and updating the policy template to match the current format.

  • PPSM - 1 General Provisions provides direction and authority regarding personnel policies that apply to staff employees. 
  • PPSM - 2 Definition of Terms provides detailed information on certain terms that are used within personnel policies that apply to staff employees. 
  • PPSM - 82 Complaint Resolution addresses activities that may be considered to be a conflict of interest for staff employees. 

PPSM - 70 is the consolidation of two existing policies: PPSM 70 - Complaint Resolution and PPSM 71 - Resolution of Concerns (Managers and Senior Professionals, Salary Grades VIII and IX) into one policy document to be titled PPSM - 70 Complaint Resolution.

  • PPSM - 70 Complaint Resolution provides direction and authority to resolve complaints made by staff employees.

The combined policy underwent full review and was revised to align with the Career Tracks and other salary grade structures currently in use at locations. In addition, duplicative language was removed,  current language was streamlined and the structure of the policy was revised for clarity and ease-of-use.

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