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Skilled Trades (K4) at Impasse

To:      Managers & Supervisors

From: Michael Simidjian, Labor Relations Specialist / UCLA Chief Negotiator

Date:   February 17, 2017

Re:     Skilled Trades (K4) at Impasse; Parties to Mediate on Friday, February 17th

Dear Colleagues:

UCLA and Teamsters Local 2010 again held negotiations on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, regarding a contract for the UCLA Skilled Trades (K4) bargaining unit.  The parties reached a tentative agreement on two additional articles – Overtime and Pay Differentials – the first agreements in over three months. In total, the parties have now reached agreement on thirty-four (34) articles and six (6) appendices. 

During negotiations, UCLA passed a comprehensive package deal that offered K4 members a 15.5% across-the-board wage increase upon ratification, as well as a lump-sum bonus valued at 2.5% of the annual base salary for the bargaining unit.  This lump-sum would provide $2,000 to those employees who have not received a raise since October 2012, which is approximately 80% of the bargaining unit.  Newer employees would receive lesser amounts based on their length of employment.  In addition, UCLA offered guaranteed across-the-board wage increases of 3% in July 2018, 2019, and 2020.  This amount is consistent with projected future wage increases for other UCLA staff.

Unfortunately, Teamsters Local 2010 rejected the comprehensive proposal without taking it to the membership for a vote.  Teamsters Local 2010 did not offer a counter, including on wages, but did discuss possible ways of resolving outstanding non-economic issues.  At the conclusion of the bargaining session, the parties agreed they were at impasse. On February 10, 2017, the parties filed a joint declaration of impasse with the Public Employment Relations Board, which agreed the parties are at impasse. 

The next step is for the parties to engage in mediation with a State mediator, which is scheduled for Friday, February 17th.  UCLA hopes mediation will be fruitful and result in a contract that provides the hardworking Skilled Trades employees with meaningful wage increases and clarity on other contract provisions.

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